If only…

If only we are determined,

Our will power will be the fire and our fears the ashes!


What I am

I’m not beautiful

I’m as hot as the coals in kiln

I’m something that will mould you

If you choose to be with me

I’ll change you for your own good

I’ll never judge you

For I’m no perfectionist

But I’m as inciting as the fire

And that’s what makes me..

That’s what holds the soil in me together

That’s what keeps the water in me warm

Why I say I love you

When I say that I love you

There is an ocean of feelings submerged in these words…

I wouldn’t say that my love for you is as vast as the sky…

Because I believe that galaxies of it lie beyond this immenseness….
I don’t say I love you just because I can’t stop staring in your eyes…

But because the sparkle in them covers all the gloom of my life…

The waves in this ocean wash all my pain and clean my bruises….
I don’t blame you, that you stole my heart….

No you didn’t even ask for it

Still I experience your blood gushing through my Veins…

Your heart throbbing in my chest…
This love of ours was never about structure…

The souls were the ones who would never let go…

This love didn’t commence with the urge of the eyes…

But it began because if my soul was glint, yours was render…

And our souls decided to light up together…

And in this thing that mortals call love; our souls lit eternally…

There were no fumes, no ashes just the inevitable pleasure of the illumination that we gave birth to….

This is why I say I love you
-Maleeha Tak


They call me fire, yes I’m lethal

They feel me and they smoulder to ashes

They see how bright I glint in the dark

And sweat leaches down their brow when I’m around

Maybe that’s why they call me fire…
They call me fire, yes I’m caring

They feel me and they Kindle to the core

And flavour in their life is by my Florescence.

I boost them and I break them down

That’s why they call me fire.

-Maleeha Tak