The Memory of me…

When I’ve said my goodbyes

And I’m gone, not too long

If you can’t put flowers on my grave

Break dawn to the memory of me.

Don’t forget to remember me…

Visit the lane of memories 

There I’ll be alive and me 

I’ll do the wrongs and rights

Repeat those words and actions

But yes, forgive me 

Don’t forget me.

I want to be a part of your life 

Even if, like a comet,

But I’ll come, one day

When you remember me.

When you remember me 

I’ll always be there 

Creating troubles and solving problems

And you’ll find that I’m connected to you

As a lovely friend or a cruel enemy

But there will always be something

That sticks us together 

In the lane of memories 

After I’m gone 

Whether I’ve said my good byes or not…


Pure cowardice.

Anyone who uses school buildings as a hiding in order to propagate terrorism.. I’m really sorry They do not represent me. They are simply cowards who can’t handle their shit in the open.

It’s a shame that they use my school building to pile it up. 


I do not deny, that everyday I beg

When I lay my prayer rug

I’m my Allah’s presence I gush

I realize my wrong doings

I feel how little of good I’ve done in my lifetime

I experience his mercy in every moment

All the colors of my existence

They would shatter without his compassion

I see that there is nothing in my power

I see I can’t control anything

I substantiate the nothingness of my own self

Then I wail and ask him to hold together my world

There is so much beauty in these small moments

The creator of universe is so gracious

He considers zippos like me worth listening to

So is his greatness…

Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah!

He never turns me away empty handed

His love exceeds the boundaries of my mistakes

His forgiveness as vast as the galaxies

And I’m still ungrateful in the most!