Looks or Character?

I swear your
good looks
can carry you
to all your
endless desires
is this world.
But your good
character will
uplift you to the
heavens in this
world and hereafter


For my Grandpa!

There was a time when you were
I found pride in your stature
Now that time is long gone
I learnt humility as your hair grew
Now I yearn for your beautiful soul,
as you left me forever!

There was a time when I was a mess
You encouraged me
I was curious and imaginative
You gave me the tool of expression
I worked words into spells
You taught me magic as I grew up
Now I know that you are a part of
me, graven in my tricks forever!

There was a time I was giggling
You were narrating “Once upon a
time” stories
I didn’t feel sleepy
But your stories were a picturesque
I slept with dreams of fairies and
utopical beauty
Now I remember the day, you slept
dreamlessly, I pray for the peace of
your soul forever!

(For my loving grandfather,
my first best friend and soulmate)

Chinar in the graveyard!

A huge chinar tree stands in a graveyard, in my neighbourhood and I keep looking at it, staring and wondering when I don’t want to think anything else.
My thoughts include the acknowledgement that it is a beautiful creation, white in the sunlight and grey at sunset. There are big crevices in its trunk and I’ve multiple times seen groups of bats fly out of it in scary patterns.
Crows sit on the branches of this Chinar all day, giving it a flavour of a grim figure.
Sometimes I wonder that human blood flows through the xylem and phloem of this Chinar.
It stands on a bunch of graves so technically and indirectly it stands true for it.
But it doesn’t make it a bad tree or an evil creature.
It is a beautiful tree whose autumn leaves fall in my garden and they are crimson, yellow, brown and every shade of this tree is adorable.
Every creature is beautiful, no matter what its diet it. Every diet is equally important for balancing the ecosystem.
Maybe it is a way of God’s justice. Humans eat plants and plants dwell on their dead debris!
Surely what goes around, comes around!

A true story..

“What will keep you safe?”, asked the devil with a monstrous lust in his eyes!
“The prayers of my parents and my grandparents and my own faith in God”, the young girl replied with tears of faith dripping down her cheeks..
And when the devil attempted to touch her, his fingers turned to flames, he started burning alive in a fire so blue that it turned white..
The girl sat on her knees and thanked her Saviour, her God, her anscestors and her parents.
She wiped her tears and left the devil to turn into white ashes…