In my next birth!

In my next birth, I want to be the sky
An open jewellery shop, from where you cannot buy,
And lovers will stare at me,
with lust, admiration and vivid imagination
But no one can exploit me
I will be independent, beautiful and treasure for everyones eye!


For your eyes..

The fear of hell
drove out of my mind
When I gazed in your eyes
Because they flared brighter
They screamed louder
But most of all
They drove me into you

I could see blackholes
not one but two
Oh God! they are green!
What do I do?
They suck on my soul
every time they peek
and atom by atom
I’m fused with you

So ready to sin I am now
So ready to drown in you
Was it your eyes
or the dreams in them?
I really don’t know
I think I dreamt with you
and it was better than reality
It was enough for me
To dwell in you

But the question is
Is it enough for you?

Demons of my mind

Demons of my mind drown me
In deep thoughts of despair
They make me go down a spiral
The spiral which never seems to end
I keep breathing in and out
To release all the negativity
But Alas! this mind is mine only as a body part
Its processing is not a thing which I can alter
When The demons of my mind pin it down
The don’t have mercy
Then The only thing I know is
Head throbbing, pain and abnormal heartbeat
As far as my mind is concerned
There are no angels and no one to
fight these demons
Its a fight between my soul and mind
Where the peace of my soul is hampered
By the demons of my mind
I still await the day, when one will defeat the other!

Oh snowflake soul!

Oh snowflake soul,

Why do you melt when you

touch the ground?

Is it that you leave your body,

Because bodies are cages

and souls are souls?

Or are you humbled too much,

Being a resident of heavens, you

get to kiss the earth?

So in your modesty, you give away

your physical stature?

Oh snowflake soul,

Why is the air so fresh

as you arrive?

Is it because you are so pure?

Or is it a paradisal characteristic?

Because you are heavenly

and paradise is full of the

freshness of pure souls!

Oh snowflake soul,

What makes you so

crystal clear?

Is it the lack of malice of desires?

Or is your faith so lucid

that you take a leap without

any second thought?

Oh snowflake soul,

What made you so adventurous?

You jump off without fear!

What filled you with a desire

to land on earth?

Isn’t heaven enough to satisfy

an entity as wild as soul?

Oh snowflake soul,

Is it a lover that you

come to seek on earth?

If it is so!

Come to me and take me

with you!

I may not be as brave

But I promise you

I’ll be with you in fear and fury!