The heart can’t deny what the lips do

The eyes can’t deny what the words do

Silly Tears can’t deny what the brave faces do

Only moths embrace the pain

Only candles accept the dread!

                                  ~Maleeha Tak

The power of a tree

I must not be the only one to experience it. When we walk through the concrete street and the sun is simmering above us, and suddenly a tree spot is about to arrive when a breeze hits our body and makes us feel fresh everywhere. This is a precious feeling which can’t be bought by money. There are two factors which will lead to this result. One is a long walk in hot summer and the other is the presence of a tree. 

Aren’t trees powerful? Yes and their power is charismatic. Trees are love. Plant more trees along the road side and give a traveller the delightful opportunity to have a sigh of fresh air!


If you sit with your mom dad and talk to them, laugh with them and make silly jokes with them, if your mom pulls your ear and dad sometimes gives you that “you are just a baby” look, you have found joy…The real “joy” and if your siblings are all time sarcastic idiots then this joy knows amplified limits.


Hurting comes with a price although at the moment the greed of filthy hearts may perceive it as a prize…The price is paid quietly and dangerously.

No one hushes the hurters and hears their cries when Allah punishes them…Although he is the most merciful…So ask for forgiveness today and don’t repeat ever.