Death before corporal death, doesn’t make you immune to life but it makes you indifferent to both, life and death. -Maleeha Tak Advertisements

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Words are like tears, although they lighten you of the burden of anger but they leave marks, sometimes scratches and the other times deep dark wounds. Words come free of cost, you just have to roll your tongue, and move your lips, but words have a price when they are taken and the bearer can […]

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The toxic Yarn

The yarn that you used to weave your words that you knit into my soul as a scar The yarn that has been stitched to my heart like piercing pain, unending The yarn which has been a memoir in itself of all the lashes you landed it with This yarn is not from something heavenly […]

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As I travelled back to my Ancestral home after a long period of exile, I could breathe in the countryside and this time I could feel my heart pumping blood into my roots, I could sense that my Viens of humility were turning to arteries, this breath changed everything!

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Microtale #20

“How long?”,asked the cancer patient. “A few months”,the doctor replied. The distance between the streak of death and ray of life was narrowing with his every breath!

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For my teacher

Dear best teacher, I was full of colours and you transformed me into a rainbow I was full of energy and you showed me my threshold My thoughts knew no bounds and you inspired me to imagine I was a mess, I was a disaster and you showed me splendidness in wildness Happy teachers day! […]

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